REVEALED: Anti-Whipping Anti-Horseracing Activist Actually Enjoys A Bit Of Whipping Herself

Pink haired woman in front of horse that jockey is about to mount with whip



Ruby Wareing has come clean today.

It’s not that the 28 year-old said she’s onboard with the Melbourne Cup or anything. It is more that while she Tweets to her regular echo chamber about how she is anti whipping and anti-horse racing… she actually doesn’t mind a bit of whipping herself in the bedroom.

Our reporters caught up with BDSM enthusiast Miss Wareing.

“Hi guys, nice to see you again. While I think whips should never be used on animals, I actually think whipping still has its place – in the bedroom between consenting adults,” Wareing said with a smirk.  

The shock revelation came as she explained how she and her on-again-off-again boyfriend had some experience with riding crops and whips, much like the ones she has widely condemned for their use on horses.

“Of course it’s all consensual and we use a safe word. But I’m actually a bit of a fan of it,” said Wareing, who has spent the past few years speaking out against the tools designed to make horses go faster.

The revelation to our reporters caps off a u-turn of sorts for Wareing. The millennial has often showcased her disgust online at how anyone thinks it’s okay to just whip an animal to make it increase speed, along with condemning those who get obscenely drunk and gamble.

However Wareing is now slowly admitting defeat.

“I mean, sure I hit out at those who like to get dressed up on Melbourne Cup day and inflict pain. I guess I’ve contradicted myself a bit, as I also like to get dressed up and do the same thing.”

More to come.

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