Scott Robertson Only Five More Super Rugby Titles Away From Being Considered For All Blacks Job

Scott Robertson next to super rugby trophies



Scott ‘Razor’ Robertson is now as close as he’s ever been to becoming All Blacks head coach.

That’s after the New Zealand Rugby Union revealed to the Crusaders supercoach that they may consider him as a potential candidate for the top job, if he simply wins another five straight Super Rugby titles.

Robertson, who had just come off winning his sixth consecutive title with the Crusaders after they defeated the Blues in Auckland last night, was full of relief when speaking to the Whakataki Times reporters.

“Oh gee that’s great news isn’t it? Only another five titles. I was starting to think the NZRU may have wanted us to win 10 more on the bounce,” said Robertson, fully knowing he’s actually capable of winning 10 straight titles if need be.

Pressure has been mounting on the NZRU ever since making the incredibly boring appointment of Ian Foster in 2019, which has seen the AB’s ranking slide under his reign. But they appear to have given Robertson a glimmer of hope with their latest dangling of the carrot.

“It’s actually nice to get some clarity from them for once. What was it? Five more titles they want me to win? Hopefully that’ll show them I actually know a bit about this thing called winning. Gee Foster must have had one hell of a coaching record?” smirked Robertson glancing up at multiple Super Rugby trophies at Crusaders headquarters.

NZ Rugby boss Mark Robinson spoke to our reporters about the latest carrot dangle.

“What we’ve said is, look Razor you’re going well, but we still have a few question marks. So five more Super Rugby titles should give us enough time to work out if this guy’s actually a decent candidate,” he said, without actually saying what those question marks actually are.

When our reporters asked Robertson what he would bring to the table should he eventually get the top job, he left us with this mouthwatering proposal.

“Have you ever seen anyone break dance in front of the William Webb Ellis trophy?”

More to come.

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