SELECTIVE SHARING: Bloke Quick To Boast About His TAB Wins Conveniently Makes No Mention Of Losses

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Josh Edwards, 28, comes across like he could make a stable career out of TAB sports betting.

According to what he posts to his Facebook group chat with old high school friends, the carpenter from Nelson seems to only ever win when it comes to sports betting.

“BOOM! Another winner! NRL betting king right here!” Josh would proclaim, sharing screenshots of yet another successful same-game NRL multi bet.

Met with a handful of likes and some tiresome ‘Shot bro’ comments, it was clear his mates had become sick and tired of his boasting, mainly because they knew he was losing probably 10 other bets for each successful one.

One such friend, Sean, decided it was time to expose his friend’s selective sharing after growing tired of his constant trumpet-blowing.

“Josh, you know we are here to support you on your losses too,” Sean posted sarcastically, adding a wink face to convey his playful tone. Sean knew all too well that hidden behind each flashy win was a long string of losses.

“Okay, guys, here’s another bet that didn’t quite pan out. It happens!’ Josh said, posting a screenshot of a near-miss loss, clearly an attempt to start a new narrative that even his losses are all very close to winning.

More to come. 

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