SHAME: Arrogant Nephew Loses Christmas Cracker Pull To Aunty

man looking disappointed after Christmas cracker loss to aunty



Bryce Eder thought he’d use his pure strength to comfortably beat his Aunty Susan in the annual Christmas cracker pull during today’s family lunch.

The 22 year-old, who rates himself as much fitter and stronger than his 50 year-old Aunty Aunty, was humiliated after coming off second-best in the first Christmas cracker pull of the day.

Our reporters were at the Eder’s household in Whanganui.

“Oh come on, she got the bit where she had the gunpowder end,” Eder complained, fabricating absurd excuses for his embarrassing loss.

“She’s been doing this for years. She always wants the bit where she can grip the two cardboard things. Then snap. She’s won again. Surprise surprise,” Eder said as he eyed up a small cousin in an attempt to make amends. 

Aunty Susan had a different take on her successful pull.

“Old wee Brycey doesn’t know his Aunty’s strength. Hey Bryce, you might need to get more of those gym sessions in love!” she said, whilst putting on her red paper crown and hauling out the little prize inside.

More to come.

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