Sick Bag On Plane Actually Just For Those Passengers Who Happen To Be Viciously Hungover

air nz flight attendant with sickbag in background



Shanae Boswell has seen her fair share of people using the white paper sick bags in her experience as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand.

Now the 28 year-old has confirmed what many have thought the bags are predominantly used for.

Officially the paper receptacles on the back of plane seats are meant to support those suffering from air travel sickness, but Boswell can reveal that they’re actually just there for those who are travelling while extremely hungover, and pretty much nothing else.

Our reporters were on one of Air New Zealand’s flights today

“It’s pretty hard to believe that anyone is actually going to become violently ill from a bit of turbulence or a few bumps isn’t it? I mean when was the last time you ever saw or heard of anyone getting sick on a plane from that?” Boswell explained as she stocked up the backs of the seats with more bags.

“I see young males who come onto our planes running on less than four hours of sleep and often still visibly drunk from the night before. When they make use of them, it’s not because of any minor turbulence.”

Boswell’s claims match up with the fact that it has indeed been incredibly hard to find anyone who has been so affected by a few shakes on a domestic flight, that they have then had to vomit uncontrollably. 

However our reporters concluded that a few minor bumps during the duration of the flight could prompt a very hungover individual to reach for the small paper bags.

“Honestly, I can spot the hungover ones so easily that I almost feel like saying to them ‘there’s a bag there if you need it’.”

More to come.

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