Smug Millennial Gets To Work On Arsenal Of Memes About So-Called Coalition Of Chaos

ruby galbraith in front of christopher luxon, winston peters and david Seymour.



Wellington-based 31 year old Ruby Galbraith has a new calling in life, now that the country has swung back in the other direction politically. 

Refusing to believe that the swing has actually happened, Galbraith now has the mammoth task of convincing anyone who’ll listen that the new coalition government is going to destroy New Zealand.

“Haha, are you serious? Those three are a ticking time bomb. R.I.P Aotearoa,” she laughed enthusiastically, referring to Christopher Luxon, Winston Peters and David Seymour.  

The Aro Valley freedom fighter has holed herself up over the weekend to produce what she’s calling an “arsenal of education” that she will deliver to her social media echo chamber next week. 

“Memes are the language of this generation, it’s our call to action. I have stockpiled an arsenal that will expose this so-called ‘government’ as the frauds they are.

“Since the mainstream media won’t do their jobs and hold these villains to account, it’s up to us!” she announced triumphantly. 

Galbraith would not share any of the new material on her secret hard drive, saying we would have to follow her to find out. “I’ve got a full schedule of content to post next week, three posts per day. My account on X is @kiwiRuby92 if you want to follow and find out.

“We’re at war with the most backward gang of racists this country has ever seen. Let’s kick these clowns out asap.”

More to come. 

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