Smug Millennial Says She’s “Kinda Glad The All Blacks Lost”

Pink haired woman smirking with All Blacks loss in the background



Pink-haired millennial Kassie Mackay was a happy woman this morning.

That’s because the 29 year-old from Wellington’s Aro Valley was met with a barrage of likes and interactions, after taking to Twitter to express her thoughts on the All Blacks 23-12 historic loss to Ireland last night.

“Kinda glad the All Blacks lost. So happy for Ireland!” she tweeted from her personal account to her loyal bubble of followers, with her bio including ‘Proud cat mum’ along with ‘she/her’.

Mackay did not watch the game as she was attending a gig at San Fran bar and won’t admit to having any rugby knowledge. However she caught up with the Whakataki Times reporters anyway, at a quiet Aro Valley coffee shop to discuss her thoughts on the All Blacks loss.

“I mean it’s good that they lost. About time they knew what losing feels like,” Mackay said as she took another sip of her soy latte while showcasing her tattoos of poorly drawn cartoon characters. 

The Whakataki Times reporters pressed Mackay further over why she was getting pleasure out of the national team’s rugby struggles, while other New Zealanders were naturally bitterly disappointed in the result.

“Look, they’re just a bunch of overpaid 20 and 30 year-olds, okay? I bet they’ve never worked a day in their lives!” shouted Mackay, completely oblivious to the work ethic and dedication required to be a professional rugby player. 

Taking one last sip of her latte, Mackay left our reporters at the coffee shop in a buoyant mood. 

“Anyway, I need to go to the vege markets now. But it’ll be a good wake up call for the All Blacks. Wait they’re called the All Blacks right? Anywho, I actually can’t wait to join the watercooler chat discussion with the guys at work tomorrow for once!”

More to come.

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