South Islanders Start Spring The Right Way With A Blast Of Snow

sheep with lambs in snow



A bitterly cold blast has hit most of the country today, with the South Island deciding what better way to kick start the season of Spring than with a short blast of the freezing cold white stuff.

“Yeah look it definitely freshens you up just when you think the weather’s starting to turn nice,” explained Dunedin local Baz McKinnon, as most of the snow fell on the main centres of Dunedin and Christchurch. 

“Wouldn’t want people to start thinking that Dunedin was somewhere with a pleasant climate or we’d start getting bloody Aucklanders coming down and sticking their noses in”. 

Major news outlets reported that a bit of the snow even blew over as far as Wellington and Masterton, with reports of flurries in higher up places like Karori. It was a welcome story for the legacy media, as it was a chance to present images of children throwing snowballs and having a great time.

There were even a few shots of new lambs shivering, but okay because it was nothing that  a snuggle up to mum couldn’t fix. Overall the story made a nice change from the usual doom and gloom.

Mr McKinnon was philosophical about the recent cold snap. “It’s hard to believe that global warming is happening on days like today isn’t it? It’s almost as if the whole thing has been completely blown out of proportion,” he said, to which our reporters quickly stepped in and said that we’re not going to go there this time.

More to come.

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