Staunch Atheist Welcomes Jesus Christ Into Her Life Via Gin Advent Calendar

woman sees the light with gin calendar



A woman who once dubbed herself an “opponent of organised religion” has had an epiphany on day 18 of her gin advent calendar. But it’s not just the drink, she says, that’s caused her to see the light.

Local wino Erin Cross, 29, told the Whakataki Times that she has gained a new sense of respect for the son of God this festive season. It started with opening the 18th slot in a gin advent calendar, purchased for her by a work colleague: “Just being able to open those little boxes every day and enjoy a little tipple… really gave me time to ponder the tale of Jesus Christ and what he represents.”

But the drink was just the first step. Once her mind had been opened to the Christian canon, Cross realised: “Jesus and I actually have a lot in common! We actually share a lot of the same values, like being charitable,” explained Erin, offering this reporter a drink. 

“If I’d known what Jesus actually represented, I don’t think I’d have dismissed his story so quickly.”

As Cross counts the hours until she can make her nineteenth Christmassy cocktail, she’s also thinking beyond Christmas. “I’m really thinking about how I can incorporate Christian tradition into my daily life.”

Though Cross is unable to recount any section of the bible, and isn’t 100% sure what communion is, she says drinking on a Sunday seems like the perfect start for her religious journey. “If I’d have known the Christians were drinking wine on a Sunday morning, I probably wouldn’t have stuck with atheism for so long!”

More to come.

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