STU’S LEAVING GIFT: Stuart Nash Gifted Limited Edition Copy Of The Cabinet Manual

stuart nash with cabinet manual at party



In a symbolic send-off as he leaves his ministerial portfolios for good, Labour MP Stuart Nash was given a hardcover edition of the cabinet manual, personally signed by the Prime Minister.

Along with the present he received this afternoon, he got a large card full of well wishes from cabinet colleagues, which included messages like “best of luck in all your future endeavours” and “all the best for the new gig, whatever that may be”. 

Former Minister Nash was in a good mood for the get together.

“Aw thanks everyone, what a thoughtful gift. Don’t think I’ve read this one!” he laughed as everyone in the room joined in. 

“Gee, I guess I should’ve read this before I started the job! If I had then we probably wouldn’t be sitting here!” the outgoing minister opined, to more rapturous laughter.   

Nash explained to the Whakataki Times that the whole affair was unfortunate, but he was optimistic about the future. “Well, it’s not all bad news. When one door closes another opens, right? It was probably time for a bit of a change anyway,” said the man who was clearly just sick of politics.

“I mean it’s not like I’m the first person to leak things that have been said in cabinet meetings. I’m probably just the only one silly enough to have it all written down in an email!” he laughed, before taking another long scull on some kind of craft beer. 

“Probably should have paid more attention at those Labour training sessions about not emailing and not getting OIA’d!” Nash said, before pausing for a silent moment of reflection. 

“Let’s just hope this is the end of it and we can all move on”. 

More to come.

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