Swarbrick Relieved Latest Greens Scandal Is About Someone Nobody’s Ever Heard Of

chloe swarbrick giving press conference with darleen tana in foreground



Greens co-leader Chloe Swarbrick is looking on the bright side today, as she announced another of her Green MPs has resigned. 

An investigation into Darleen Tana found that she had not been up front with her party about her involvement in running her husband’s bicycle business, which had been breaching employment laws.

But despite all this, Swarbrick says things could have been a lot worse if the scandal was surrounding one of the Greens that people actually recognised by name or had seen before. 

“Imagine if all this was happening to Ricardo! Then we’d be really screwed!” she laughed, referring to Ricardo Menendez March.

“No, in all seriousness though, we are better off having Darleen exploiting migrant workers. Better for the party, and better for the planet.”  

Radio New Zealand published an article this afternoon titled “Who is Darleen Tana, and why is she quitting the Greens?”, proving Chloe’s point that not many people actually know who she is. 

Swarbrick’s next move is uncertain after Ms Tana revealed that she did not accept the findings of the independent report into her, even though she did agree to resign from the Greens. This means she may choose to stay as an independent MP, which would potentially force the Greens to play the “waka jumping card”, a piece of legislation which they had opposed in the past. 

“But hey, imagine if this was happening to one of the big names! Could be a lot worse. Imagine if it was Marama! Or Golriz! Gee imagine that, shoplifting AND migrant exploitation!”

More to come. 
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