“Chippy Taxkins” Nickname Not Really Rolling Off The Tongue Like “Taxinda” Did

PM Chris Hipkins with money behind him



Following the trend set by the nickname “Taxinda” for former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, a local nickname aficionado has attempted to coin a similar moniker for current Prime Minister Chris Hipkins. However, the results have been less than stellar.

Meet Nick Namar, a 30-year-old Christchurch resident with a knack for turning political figures’ names into catchy, and often satirical, nicknames. His latest endeavour attempts to once again highlight Labour’s traditional love of tax.

“I was just sitting there, you know, thinking about how ‘Taxinda’ was such a clever play on words,” Namar said, referring to the nickname for Ardern that gained traction during her tenure. “I thought, ‘Why not do the same for Chris Hipkins?’ Given their party’s stance on taxation, it seemed fitting.”

Namar’s attempt led to the creation of “Chippy Taxkins,” a fusion of “Chippy,” a casual reference to Hipkins, and the word “tax.” However, despite Namar’s enthusiasm, it seems this particular nickname isn’t quite catching on the same way “Taxinda” did.

“I don’t know, there’s just something about it,” said local resident and frequent social media user Emily Lawson. “When you say ‘Taxinda,’ it’s almost melodic, and it immediately makes you think about taxes and politics. But ‘Chippy Taxkins’? It’s like the words don’t flow as smoothly.”

While Namar’s endeavor may not have achieved the same resonance as “Taxinda,” he remains undeterred. “I get it, it might not be as catchy as I’d hoped,” he admitted with a chuckle. “But hey, it’s all in good fun. If it gets people talking about politics and policy, then I’ve done my part.”

As the political landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether “Chippy Taxkins” will eventually find its place in the linguistic arsenal of New Zealand politics, or if it will simply remain a fleeting attempt at wordplay in the annals of political history.

More to come. 

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