Team Leader’s Popularity Through The Roof After Email Reminder About Putting Dirty Dishes In The Dishwasher

Team leader writing email



Olivia Gallagher will without a doubt be flavour of the month with her team members this afternoon.

That’s because the 45-year-old team leader at one of the several hundred divisions of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE), sent the following email to her team at 4:17pm, no doubt charming them and setting their motivation levels soaring..

“Hi Team,

“It has just taken four of our team members to move all the dirty dishes from your desks and up to the upstairs kitchen. This isn’t fair on your teammates. Can you all please take responsibility for yourselves and keep your desks clear of cups and plates from now on? Thanks.

The Whakataki Times reporters were on hand to seek reaction from Gallagher’s team as they received the passive aggressive email while completely snowed under with work that needed to be done.

“Oh gee thanks for that Olivia. Didn’t actually know where the dishes were meant to go! Obviously we’ve all been sitting here twiddling our thumbs and somehow managed to miss your first email,” muttered 24 year-old admin officer Clara Sullivan, making sure her nearby co-workers heard her reaction.

Colleague Grayson Jackson looked over at the four coffee rings on Clara’s desk and said “Hmm, wonder who she was talking about…”, sarcasm almost visibly dripping from his lips.

“Urgh whatever. God she’s got time to angrily pick up cups and send shitty emails but she can’t help us out with our workload,” Sullivan grumbled, knowing in her heart that the number of cups that were on her desk was objectively disgusting.

“Maybe a bit of support would be good for the team instead of obsessing about tidy desks. I swear the reason we don’t get any help from her is because she doesn’t know how to. Public service is a great place to fall upwards.”

Still frustrated by her team lead’s email, Sullivan made one final attempt at drawing attention away from the fact she was likely the sole perpetrator of the email regarding dirty dishes.

“Don’t the cleaners pick up dishes anyway?”

More to come.

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