Teen Gives Up Ram Raiding For Good After Copping An Earful From Graham Bell

Detective Inspector Graham Bell giving teen an earful at ram raid scene.



Connor Whitfield, 16, is a destructive little rat who has managed to get away with ram raiding several times now.

During his latest smash and grab at a dairy in Auckland though, he was greeted by none other than retired Detective Inspector Graham Bell of Police Ten 7 fame.

“This lunatic scumbag ram-raided a dairy with a group of wild-eyed and desperate, gutless goons,” Bell remarked, looking over at the crime scene the teenager had implicated himself in.

Before the young punk could flee the scene, Bell went on a rampage of his own, giving him an earful that he won’t forget.

“What do you think you’re doing? Out here in the middle of the night, you brain-dead moron. Do you and your bozo friends think it’s funny to wreak havoc on society like this?” lectured Bell, making the teenager cower in fear and finally start considering his actions.

Whitfield was clearly taken aback by Bell’s no-nonsense approach, having never been talked to like that before, especially not by the NZ Police.

Bell didn’t waste anymore time, giving him more of his signature tough talk.

“Mindless low-life. You and your group of little creeps need to stop doing this, you lunatic scumbag, violent little mongrels.”

More to come. 

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