Teen Ram Raiders At Least Getting Out Of The House And Off Their Phones

teen next to ram raided post office dairy



Although teen ram raiders are widely considered villains in this country, some kiwis are giving them credit for at least getting out of their bedrooms, away from technology, and out into the real world.

Dairy owner Sarpreet Patel had this to say after after his dairy was raided for the second time this month by the fuckin little shits. 

“When I saw the car half poking out of my dairy, I obviously called the police straight away. But then I remembered my own kids, who spend far too much time at home on their phones, and thought actually, at least these little pricks are out there doing something, albeit something totally destructive and criminal,” Patel said, as he swept up piles of glass from inside his store.

Witness Alison Jacobs, 43, had a similar thought.

“I heard the violent smash from my house and just thought wow, the little bastards have applied themselves enough to use a car to smash their way through the doors and windows. Be good if they could direct that energy into something productive. But it is good to see them out of the house, doing something other than playing Fortnite.”

The teens involved in the latest smash and grab, if caught, are facing up to six months of wraparound support. 

More to come.

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