Trevor Mallard Allegedly Slashing Tyres Ahead Of Car-Towing Operation

Trevor Mallard allegedly slashing tyres



In a bold move to continue undermining police efforts to manage the vaccine mandate protest, Parliamentary Speaker Trevor Mallard is now allegedly slashing the tyres of cars about to be towed. 

This follows the Speaker’s bizarre decision to take things into his own hands, blasting intentionally annoying music and turning the sprinklers on protesters to try and get rid of them. This was despite both these actions going directly against police best-practice for managing protests.

Mallard was seen on Molesworth Street slashing the tyres of a white Toyota Hiace with the words “LEAVE US ALONE JABCINDA” on the back window. Local resident James Bainsford reported the vandalism. “Dunno what he’s up to ay, it’s like all his ideas are either backfiring dramatically or just intentionally fanning fires and making things harder for police”, Bainsford wondered.

“I mean surely he can see that slashing the tyres of cars is going to make them more difficult to tow. And surely if you’re a sensible adult, you’d check with one of the 100+ police officers at parliament before deciding to play aggravatingly obnoxious music and turning the sprinklers on.”

NZ Police released a statement asking that the Speaker of the House please stop acting like a child and discard any stink bombs he may have in his possession. They also request that he stop and think about any other schemes he may be hatching before acting on them.

More to come. 

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