Unbearable Hurricanes Fan’s Messages Left On “Seen”

hurricanes fan left on seen



Hurricanes fan Campbell Taylor, who was recently diagnosed with “Our Year syndrome”, is apparently becoming harder and harder to be around. 

The 35 year old web administrator celebrated his beloved Hurricanes’ win on Saturday night, by sending messages to friends via Facebook Messenger. 

“7 from 7!! Yes boy!”, he wrote to Jamie Deeks and Nathan Beaumont, who both live and work in Canterbury and hate the success the Hurricanes have had this year. 

Noticing that neither friend had responded to his message yet, Taylor checked his phone to see that both of them had seen his message 52 minutes ago, but had chosen not to respond in any way. 

“Left on seen! Geez chill out fellas, just a bit of bants,” he scoffed as he began drafting a follow up message. 

“Far out, I didn’t even mention how shit the Crusaders are this year. I don’t even need to, do I?” he said to our reporters as he worked out what he could say to rebuild bridges with his Cantabrian friends.

“Saders unluggy to miss out against the Tahs. Always tough playing away in Aussie”, he wrote impassionately. 

Despite his best efforts, at the time of this story’s publishing, Mr Taylor’s follow up message had also been left on seen for over an hour.

More to come. 

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