Vibe Of Modern Inner City Apartment Inevitably Ruined By Clothes Horse

woman in modern apartment with clothes horse



Anna Bourdain, a 29 year old lawyer who enjoys the finer things in life, has been caught out by reality once again.

The Wellingtonian apartment dweller has only recently moved into her new place with partner Darren, a welcome escape from the life of ‘flatting with randoms’.

“I love our new space, it’s so nice. So modern and minimal, I feel like I live in a magazine sometimes,” said Bourdain without any hint of irony. 

However the realities of apartment living set in over the weekend when Ms. Bourdain did a load of washing that needed to dry. Naturally it was raining outside because it’s Wellington, so there was no chance of hanging any washing on her outdoor balcony. 

And with the cost of electricity the way it is, she could not bring herself to turn on the dryer, which left one last option – the dreaded clothes horse.

“Urrgh god I thought we had left this hideous structure behind when we exited the world of flatting. It’s like there’s no escape,” she whined.

The fully-loaded clothes horse was standing prominently in their living area, sucking all the sophistication out of the apartment. It even gave off the signature smell of damp clothing and laundry powder.

“Look at it just standing there. Haunting us,” said Ms Bourdain in horror.

Local interior designer Esmée Garland hates clothes horses with a passion and would be happy if there was a nationwide ban.

“I create beautiful homes for these people and then they go and desecrate my work with these ‘horses’. It’s disgusting,” she spat.

“I wish I could call the police.”

So far the interior designers union has not sent a petition to government calling on a ban on clothes horses.

More to come. 

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