Visitor To Auckland Fails To Find ‘K Road’ On Google Maps

Confused man looking at phone while on K Road



Liam Collins believed he had a simple task at hand – find a specified apartment building on a street called ‘K Road’ and meet his friends there.

Except the 27 year-old, who made the trip up from Wellington for a work course, had now spent the best part of an hour desperately trying to find the road he’s meant to be heading to.

“No I didn’t mean Karangahape Road!” Collins grizzled at Google Maps on his phone, as he had now seen that same suggested road come up several times.

Our reporters were in central Auckland and spoke with Collins about why he may have not been able to locate “K-Road”.

“It’s an endless battle and I feel like the app is almost mocking me or actively working against me. I’m entering in the number and name of the road my mate told me to and it’s giving me a suggestion about some random-as road called “‘Karangahape’??” Collins said with frustration, unaware there is officially no such road as ‘K-Road’.

“Karangahape Road? Why is it showing me that? I can see it there on the map, but I’m looking for K Road!” Collins said, out of touch with his surroundings and unaware that ‘K Road’ is in fact the commonly used shorthand name for “Karangahape Road”.

More frustration came Collins’ way after receiving a text message from his mate Ant.

“Hey bro where are you? We’re waiting outside on K-Road’

As Liam’s brain nearly spontaneously combusted, he asked his mate if it was close to anything recognisable landmarks. The reply he got was a dropped pin of Ant’s location on Maps, on a road clearly labelled “Karangahape Road”.

More to come.

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