Warriors Fan Living In Constant Fear That Season Will Crumble At Any Moment

warriors fan looking fearful with winning warriors in the background.



Jason McHardy loves nothing more than watching his beloved One NZ Warriors, especially given the way they’re playing this year.

The Warriors fourth win in five games has put them right near the top of the ladder heading into tomorrow’s away game against the Newcastle Knights, a team which they also beat in round one.

But McHardy’s passion for the team is matched by his ever present fear that the Warriors’ momentum could totally collapse at a moment’s notice.

Our reporters spoke with the 28 year-old who felt he was living on a knife’s edge.

“I’m fearing the worst for the Warriors. They’ve got a tough schedule ahead. Shaun Johnson was wearing a moon boot after last week’s match. They won but I still feel like they could lose the plot at any moment. Years of abuse as a Warriors fan has done this to me. 

“I should be happy with their winning ways but it just feels like it’s going to be taken away from me like it always is!” McHardy said as his voice trembled.

The Warriors are enjoying their best start to a season since 2018 and are being led by a rejuvenated Shaun Johnson. Tortured by years and years of disappointment, McHardy denies that things are going well and is expecting everything to fall apart with a full 19 rounds to go.

“I just keep thinking injuries will pile up, followed by a string of losses thanks to some biased refereeing or horrific bunker decisions.”

“In fact I can see the headlines now. ‘Shaun Johnson in doubt for the remainder of the season,’ and then they’ll lose a whole bunch of games and fall to pieces,” McHardy said, with no material evidence that such events will occur.

After leaving McHardy our reporters concluded that he will observe each remaining game this season with a deep sense of dread, waiting for the moment when his worst fears may or may not come to fruition.

More to come.

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