Warriors Fan Now Saying He’s “Always Had A Soft Spot For The Eels”

warriors fan on the couch with eels fans in the background


It didn’t really matter that Lachy Stone’s beloved Warriors didn’t make this year’s NRL grand final, or playoffs for that matter. Afterall, the 27 year-old is now claiming that he has always had a soft spot for the Parramatta Eels, who will face off against favourites the Penrith Panthers.

Our reporters caught up with Stone at his flat in Pukekohe.

“Oh, not too phased about the Warriors not making the playoffs or being anywhere near the big dance, I’ve always kept an eye on how the Eels are going,” lied Stone, who hadn’t really paid much attention to them since they made the 2009 grand final and only realised they were a chance of the final in the past two weeks.

In fact it is hard to find any links at all that Stone might have to a rugby league club based in Parramatta, a suburb of greater Sydney, Australia. Born and bred in Auckland, Stone has never travelled across the ditch, let alone gone anywhere near Sydney.

“Oh look, there’s heaps of links. I’ve always been a massive fan of Isaiah Papali’i. He was born and bred here and also started his career with the Warriors. So I’ve kinda always been trying to keep up with how he’s been progressing”

Stone then gave his thoughts on the Eels lineup for tonight’s NRL decider.

“Penrith fans go on about how Nathan Cleary is the best thing since Johnathan Thurston, but have you seen how well Mitchell Moses has gone this year? He’s a big game player. Definitely an occasion for him”

“Anyway, I better shoot guys, I’m pretty sure I have some Eels stubbies somewhere around here.”

More to come.

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