Warriors Social Media Manager Enjoying Job This Year

woman celebrating with laptop as warriors score try



The social media manager for the New Zealand Warriors team has found themselves in a state of euphoria in 2023.

That’s because the One NZ Warriors have been consistently winning rugby league matches, making it extremely easy for the team’s social media manager to relay messages about the team’s progress to their beloved followers on social media.

With the Warriors currently sitting third on the NRL ladder and looking almost certain to make the playoffs, it’s made Kara Bennett’s job a lot easier in 2023.

“I used to hate having to Tweet, ‘Not the result we wanted, but we’ll be back stronger next week’. Or, ‘Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn,’” Bennett said, who is now getting used to compiling videos of the Warriors singing their celebration song in the changing rooms.

“I mean, my job was 10 times harder when I had to come up with creative and positive ways of saying the Warriors’ performance was sub-par. But this year I’ve gone out and saved a whole bunch of memes of people celebrating victory. 

“Last year I was practically doing gymnastics to make a 60-point loss sound like a mere hiccup. This year I can almost copy and paste tweets from week to week! Anyway, up the Wahs!! Lets gone Warriors!”

More to come. 

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