Wellington Bureaucrat On Day Off Chucks On Hi-Vis To Feel Like He’s Part Of A Team

Man in hi vis teeshirt on Lambton Quay wellington.



In a false display of solidarity with New Zealand’s backbone, a policy advisor at the Ministry of Education took a day off work to engage in some personal errands, choosing to don an old hi-vis t-shirt to bask in the camaraderie of Wellington’s tradies.

Jacob Thompson, a 30-something desk jockey, decided to venture out of his bureaucratic cocoon to dip his toes in the world of manual labour, albeit temporarily. Armed with his trusty pen and a clipboard (filled with nothing but a grocery list), Thompson embarked on his quest for a sense of belonging.

“I see all these tradies walking around with their hi-vis gear, sharing smiles and nods, and I thought, ‘Why not me?'” said Thompson, proudly pointing to his faded orange t-shirt. “I’ve always admired the camaraderie these fine folks seem to share, and today, I’m one of them!”

Thompson reportedly wore the hi-vis shirt he found in the back of his wardrobe, and with a clipboard that had seen more office meetings than actual tasks, he began his journey. His stops included the local hardware store, a café, and finally the supermarket, where he ensured that each item was dutifully accounted for on his blank clipboard.

“I must say, the reactions I received were heartwarming,” Thompson chuckled. “I got smiles, nods, and even a few ‘G’day mate’s from real tradespeople. It’s almost like they could sense my newfound affinity for their line of work.”

As Thompson continued his adventure, he relished the opportunity to stand alongside the hardworking men and women of Wellington. “I may not have swung a hammer today, but I definitely felt like I was part of a team,” he exclaimed proudly.

More to come. 

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