Wellington Man Laughed Out Of His Friend Group For Not Liking Coffee Or Craft Beer

man with glasses thinking about coffee and beer.



Mitch Bishop is feeling a bit left out at the moment.

The 25 year-old recently found himself in the middle of an awkward conversation between a mate of his and a handful of acquaintances at a cafe in Aro Valley.

One of the group piped up and asked Mitch what type of coffee he’d like as a pick-me-up ahead of a night of drinking and a planned event.

“Hey Mitch, what coffee did you want mate. The waiter is about to come back?” James Pascoe questioned, while taking a puff from his vape.

“Oh ummm, I’m not really much of a coffee guy actually,” Bishop replied, knowing that what he just said wouldn’t go down well with the group of people he’s with.

“Huh? You don’t like or drink coffee?” Pascoe asked, while almost giving Mitch a death stare as they sat at Fidel’s cafe, a very popular Wellington coffee shop.

“Don’t really like the taste of it. Would rather just have a mocha or tea actually,” Bishop explained innocently. Under intense scrutiny, Bishop was now beginning to feel like he’d undermined his whole Wellington friend group, purely because he didn’t fit their vision of what a Wellington man should be like.

“Well, please tell me you’re into your craft beer though?” Pascoe again interrogated.

“Oh, yeah they’re okay I guess. They’re kinda strong and quite hoppy though. You can’t have too many of them. Just not my thing if I’m honest. Would rather just have a Tui or Speight’s on tap,” Bishop truthfully explained, as if he was committing some sort of crime by not wanting to pay for an overpriced beer at a pretentious Wellington bar.

As our reporters sought more comment from Bishop they were interrupted by another question. 

“Bro, you vape though right?”

More to come.

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