Wellington Man Pretends To Enjoy The Taste Of Very High Percentage Craft Beer

Ryan Anderson pretending to enjoy craft beer.


Ryan Anderson put on the acting performance of his life on Sunday.

The stage was set when the 31 year old freelance designer met friends for drinks at a painfully trendy bar in the Wellington suburb of Newtown.

Anderson’s friend Jamie was ordering at the bar and asked him what he wanted. Anderson thoughtlessly and arrogantly replied with “whatever you’re having”. 

Little did Anderson know, his so-called friend had just ordered the most obscure, small-batch craft beer on offer. It came from a tap with a hand-drawn logo and weighed in at a frightening 10% alcohol content. 

“God it was strong. That first sip was horrible. Tasted like it had some crappy tequila in it or something”, recalled Anderson, wincing at the memory of it. 

“Had to put on a brave face and make it look like I was enjoying it. Made something up like “ooh that’s nice and hoppy”, I dunno, god it was gross. 

“Well I couldn’t complain! Not after I dropped the ‘I’ll just have what you’re having’ line. 

“And then it’s like okay I’ve got a whole pint of this to contend with. Really going to have to dig deep to get through this punishment without raising any suspicions”.

Anderson was philosophical about the incident. “With that first sip I knew I’d made a mistake, and at that moment I made a promise to myself to be more careful with my words. An important lesson”.

More to come. 

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