Wellington Man Puts His Wellbeing First By Ripping Into People He Doesn’t Like On Twitter

man holding phone with twitter logos in the background.



Darcy McGowan, a communications advisor based in the Wellington suburb of Mt Cook, has taken control of his own wellbeing and is proactively working on his mental health. 

He loves to exercise and do mindfulness meditation exercises. But the thing that helps him most to relax is hopping on Twitter and absolutely ripping strips off people he doesn’t like. 

“It’s a great way to reset and take stock. It makes me feel really great about myself when I get the chance to educate some of these racists and misogynists on Twitter,” he said proudly. 

“I’ve made it part of my daily mental health routine.”

McGowan likes to do his own tweets, where he’ll pick a politician that has a different world view, link to an article, and then accompany that with his own ‘take’. “Oh there’s a few politicians who are just disgusting and I don’t think I need to tell you who I mean,” said McGowan. 

“They need to know that we the people find them and their words totally disgusting and unacceptable.”

The bachelor explained that he also takes it upon himself to educate regular Twitter users by replying to their tweets directly. “Honestly, some people are just gross and need to be set straight by someone. It’s lucky there are people like me out there who can do just that. 

“Like, how do people like this still exist anymore?” asked the man who rarely travels beyond the limits of greater Wellington. 

McGowan said that he is pleased with how far he has come on his mental health journey and is looking forward to making even more progress. “The exercise and the mindfulness is working great, and my mahi on Twitter is just so rewarding, you know?

“I mean, I still have my moments, but who doesn’t, right? We all sit alone in our rooms and burst into tears from time to time right? 


More to come.

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