Wellington Public Servants Looking For Something To Smile About Get Behind Hurricanes

lanyard wearing public servants celebrating hurricanes try



Joanne Wilkinson and Amy Bayliss, both 29-year-old advisors at the Ministry of Education, have recently come across a welcome distraction. 

The policy advisors have been understandably on-edge this year, as public sector organisations look to cut down on staff. Neither of them, until now, have shown much interest in sport. 

But Ms Wilkinson has reportedly turned her friend Amy on to the Hurricanes bandwagon, which has been a revelation for their wellbeing.

“I never understood why people get so excited about rugby,” said Wilkinson, who has only recently refrained from referring to it as ‘sportsball’. 

“My flatmate Matt was watching a game and for some reason it hooked me in.

“It’s actually so good once you get into it, and it makes you forget all about the fact that our roles could be disestablished at any moment. Amy and I are going to the game against the Waratahs in a couple of weeks!”

Amy says that the Hurricanes are even better than her addiction to online TV streaming.

“The only problem with the Hurricanes is that I can’t binge-watch them as their games are live and they only play once a week. I wanna find out what happens next!”

While the advisors’ jobs are apparently safe for now, the two young women believe that more people like them should get behind Wellington’s newly consistent Hurricanes. 

“The mood is really low in Wellington at the moment, especially at places like MoE and MBIE. But it just seems wrong that people don’t even know that the Canes are on fire!”

There are murmurs around the public service that the Wellington Phoenix have also been playing well. 

More to come. 

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