Wellington Woman Sets LinkedIn On Fire With Post About Work Life Balance

woman in front of linkedin laptop



43 year old recruitment manager Michelle Williamson’s LinkedIn account has been popping off this week, with likes and comments rolling in thick and fast. 

The long-serving Ministry of Education employee took to the popular social media platform and neatly summarised the importance of work life balance – something no-one has ever attempted on LinkedIn until now.  

“It’s been amazing to see such wide support for this post I did. It’s something no one ever has the courage to talk about, but it’s so, so important.”

The post titled ‘5 reasons why it’s all about balance when it comes to work’ has just crossed the ‘100 like’ mark. 

“In the corporate world these days, it’s all about work, work, work. But what about people’s wellbeing? We need to make sure our people are mentally okay, so they can bring their best selves into the office,” said Ms. Williamson, still in disbelief that no one’s ever said anything like this on LinkedIn ever before. 

Her post touched on themes of ‘being kind to yourself’ and ‘turning off your work phone when you finish for the day’. Social media analyst Jan Jansen says it’s about time someone on LinkedIn said what we’ve all been thinking. 

“Michelle’s shown so much bravery posting something like this, knowing full well that her employer will be able to see it. Hopefully it’s a wake-up call to all public service agencies in the capital.”

With such a wildfire response, it will be hard for Williamson to top this groundbreaking post, however she says she has a few ideas in the pipeline. 

“Ooh I’m definitely going to ruffle feathers next time I’m on LinkedIn. 

“In my next post… I’m going after gender inequality,” she smirked. 

More to come. 

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