Wellingtonian Braves Sideways Wind And Rain But Still Strangely Questions Those Who Want To Move To Auckland

man in yellow parker in wellington wet day



Policy advisor and self-proclaimed “hearty Wellingtonian,” Jeremy Playle, endured yet another day of sideways wind and torrential rain with a barely waterproof parker. 

The 28-year-old Thorndon resident frequently intrigues his flatmates with his ability to survive the weather that the capital city throws at him on a regular basis.

Despite his heartiness, the resilient Playle has expressed bewildered skepticism towards those who consider moving to the always-sunny Auckland.

“You want to move to Auckland? Why? What about all the traffic? Or all the Aucklanders??” Playle said with a grin, shaking his head as if contemplating the sanity of Auckland enthusiasts.

It seemed that Mr Playle’s loyalty to his beloved city knew no bounds. When asked about Auckland’s warmer climate and abundance of job opportunities, he scoffed dismissively, “Sure, it’s sunny up there, but where’s the adventure? We’ve got four seasons in one day! You never know what you’ll get!”

His flatmates, who regularly witness him entering the flat, dripping wet, appeared both amused and puzzled by his unwavering attachment to Wellington.

“I mean, we all love Wellington, but Jeremy takes it to another level,” said flatmate Tim. “Last year he managed to cycle to work during a cyclone. It’s like he thrives on the challenge.”

As Playle continued fighting the good fight against the elements, his friends couldn’t help but wonder if there’s something more to his weather-hardened demeanor. Could he secretly enjoy being a martyr for the weather gods of Wellington?

Or does he just really hate Auckland? 

More to come. 

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