WELLINGTONIANS AGREE: The Wind Is Less Hated Than The Bucket Fountain

man in front of bucket fountain on cuba street



In a turn of events, Wellingtonians have unanimously agreed that the city’s notorious wind, long considered one of the biggest annoyances in the capital, is actually less hated than Cuba Street’s infamous Bucket Fountain.

The Bucket Fountain is a public art installation in Cuba Mall, which features buckets of water spilling over and splashing unsuspecting pedestrians. It has long been a source of frustration and annoyance for those unfortunate enough to walk past just as the buckets drop at full capacity. 

Our reporters went down Cuba Street and spoke to some of the public.

“I mean, what even is the actual point of the Bucket Fountain? It’s just buckets of water spilling all over the place. It’s not even art. It’s just a pain in the arse.

“Like I used to hate the wind, but it’s what makes Wellington, Wellington. It serves a purpose, unlike that tree of child-like coloured buckets. Hit me in the face with 120 km gusty northerlies anyday! ” proclaimed 25 year-old Bianca Fowler.

Tim Garvey, 27, expressed his opinion.

“Well it’d be quite nice to actually walk down Cuba Street without being unexpectedly saturated with water. Sure the wind is annoying, but at least you know what you’re going to get. The water from that stupid fountain’s buckets doesn’t even spill into the pool below, it just splashes onto the footpath and onto anyone walking past at the time!

“The Wellington Council keeps harping on how it’s a beloved Wellington icon. But does anyone actually think that? They’re just afraid of admitting its a mistake and a blight on the city.

“We accept the wind being part of our lives, but as for the bucket fountain? I don’t think anyone accepts it.”

More to come. 

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