WFH Introvert Happily Works Until 11 o’clock Before Realising It’s A Public Holiday

Girl working at laptop



Wellington-based introvert Georgina Meadows short-changed herself this Waitangi Day, by waking up as if it was a normal Monday, going into autopilot, and firing up the laptop for a day of data analysis. 

It wasn’t until 11 o’clock when she gave herself a break to scroll through the news that she remembered that today was in fact a public holiday.

“I guess I just forgot about it. I work from home, and I don’t have that many conversations with people at work. I guess it was quite an easy thing to forget,” she murmured, while instinctively trying to make herself totally invisible to our reporters.

“I just logged in, checked in with my usual “Morena koutou” on the team chat, and then yeah… 

“Just like a normal day, kept the chat window muted so I could concentrate. Totally normal day,” she said. 

“I took a break at about 11 though and saw some Stuff articles about Waitangi, and then saw that today was the 6th, so…” 

When asked whether she would let her boss know what happened, and whether she’d try and get a late start tomorrow, Meadows did not sound keen at all. “Oh, umm, no it’s fine I’ll just go to work as normal,” she said, clearly too shy to say anything to anyone at work. 

“I’ll just set some extra alarms on my calendar to remind me not to go to work on public holidays”.

More to come.

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