Widespread Anger As Mum Shuts Down Calls For Fish And Chips For Dinner

stern looking mother in front of fish and chip shop



A seemingly ordinary evening in Nelson, New Zealand took a dramatic turn as a simple family dinner decision escalated into a major controversy. 

In an astonishing turn of events, a 42 year old mum’s unilateral decision to forgo fish and chips for dinner this time has been labelled a “threat to democracy” by young members of the household.

The Smith family, comprised of mum Jane, dad Michael, and their three sons – Jack (14), Ben (12), and Sam (9) – have got into the habit lately of dropping in to Victory Square Fish and Chips on a Wednesday, as the day has become busy with various after school activities. 

This week however, in an effort to get the family back on track, Jane made an executive decision to serve a healthier, home-cooked meal of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables instead.

The announcement of the culinary change sent shockwaves through the Smith household. The three boys, staunch believers in democracy, immediately called for an emergency family meeting to address the situation. As tensions rose, young Jack passionately argued that “the people’s will must prevail” and demanded a vote to determine the evening’s dinner.

However, mum Jane arrogantly used her power of veto, refusing to put the decision to the people of the household. She callously cited concerns about the boys’ “nutrition and wellbeing”.

“Sorry, enough is enough. Time for us all to stop being so lazy and for me to stop feeling like a failure,” she said dramatically.

Instead of backing up his wife’s call as chaos unfolded, dad Michael chose to sit back and watch, entertained by the spectacle. This was of course mentally noted by Jane. 

The Smith family, meanwhile, remains divided over dinner choices, with Jane standing firm on her decision to prioritise health and her children vowing to continue their fight for fairness.

Dad Michael is reportedly expecting an icy evening on the couch tonight, something that may take days to bounce back from.

More to come. 

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