Winston Peters Demands Parliament Build Stable For His Horse

winston peters on horse



Political journeyman Winston Peters has revealed that as part of coalition arrangements with National and Act, he expects a stable to be built on parliament grounds for his two year old stallion, Apache.

“This is a non-negotiable. I have said from the beginning that I will be riding Apache to parliament each day, and if you useless so-called journalists were doing your jobs properly, then you would already know that,” he said in his signature style.

With special votes now in, much to the relief of Newshub’s Patrick Gower, it has been confirmed that we once again will need Winston if we want a stable government.

Aside from other New Zealand First interests, like getting compensation for the vaccine-injured and not selling out the country to the UN, it would seem that a place for Apache to relax is top of mind for Peters.

“Apache’s a good boy, he’s from good stock, and I expect him to be looked after properly. He could have been a New Zealand Cup winner for goodness sake. Where was that story aye? It would be good if the media got off their backsides and gave New Zealanders some decent reporting for once!”

Peters would not comment on other negotiation bottom lines, choosing to instead focus on his prized thoroughbred.

“Do you have any idea how much I paid for this horse at Karaka? I paid exactly what I expected to pay for quality, and nothing less. Not that you’d know anything about quality,” he spat at our reporter in disgust.

A parliament insider said that the funding for any stables built on parliament grounds would likely come out of the “miscellaneous building costs” budget.

More to come.

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