WOAP TIME: Like Clockwork, Wellingtonians Once Again Become Laser-Focused On Eating Burgers

group of public servants eating burgers in restaurant



The annual “Wellington on a Plate” festival has once again ignited the passions of middle to high income Wellingtonians, giving them the excuse they were looking for to eat a shameful number of burgers.

As the city’s bars and restaurants unveil their specially crafted “woap” burgers, along with the standard avalanche of social media promo content, it’s fair to say Wellington’s cashed up laptop class are positively fizzing.

Kieran Lees, a self-proclaimed connoisseur of Wellington’s burger scene, is once again jazzed up to the eyeballs about it being “woap” time again.

When asked about his burger to-do list for the month, Lees played it cool, but made it clear that eating one’s own body weight in burgers was definitely an achievement. “Oh, I’ve got a whole list of burgers lined up at work,” he bragged. “My colleagues and I are embarking on a burger journey, one patty at a time. It’s a true test of our palates’ courage!

“Got my eye on ‘Make room for shroom’ at Huxley’s this time. Wagyu beef and pork, with mushrooms of course. That’s probably my top pick.”

In a display of daring that rivals the ascent of Everest, the MBIE employee recounted the risks he and his crew were undertaking. “Deciding which burgers to do can be quite a challenge,” he mused, a twinkle of excitement in his eyes. “It’s almost as if we’re explorers charting new culinary territories!”

As Wellingtonians channel their boundless enthusiasm into burger-eating, it’s clear that Wellington on a Plate has united the community. No doubt when it comes to consuming copious amounts of meat and carbohydrate, Wellingtonians are switched on and dedicated to the task at hand.

More to come. 

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