Woman Claims Short Week Feels Long Because She’s Tried To Cram More In

three women in office having conversation.



Wellington based comms advisor Jacqui Dalton gave her colleagues something to think about today, as she confidently claimed that despite having Easter Monday off, this week still felt long. 

“You always look forward to the short weeks don’t you, but they always end up feeling just as long as normal,” the 35-year-old told colleagues Laura and Abigail. 

“I suppose it’s because you still try and get the same amount of work done, except in four days instead of five!”

Ms Dalton’s colleagues nodded along in agreement as if she had just discovered something deeply profound, despite the reality that she definitely made the exact same observation after Labour Day last year. 

“Oh I know, it just feels longer than it should. So weird ay, shouldn’t feel like this,” said Laura, lacking the energy to say anything different. 

Ms. Dalton was unavailable for any further comment, and she was last seen logging in to her HR portal to apply for another block of annual leave. 

More to come.

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