Woman Cooks Meal For First Time Since Tuesday Last Week

woman proud of her spag bol



One Whakataki woman is beaming with pride this evening as she plates up a home cooked meal for the first time in over a week. 

Sarah Lister, a 32-year-old finance advisor, has this evening prepared a totally edible meal of spaghetti bolognese, garnished with finely grated Mainland Tasty cheese. The move comes after nine consecutive evenings of Uber Eats and pub meals.

Those in Sarah’s Whakataki flat are thoroughly impressed by her efforts. Among Lister’s five flatmates, all were pleased to finally have a household member with the necessary cooking capabilities to avoid getting scurvy.

Flatmate and resident freeloader, Derek Newton, was particularly delighted, having benefited from Sarah’s generous offer to share the pasta dish: “I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as my mum’s, but honestly, I think Sarah should cook all the time.” Newton, a three-times scurvy survivor, looks forward to seeing what else Lister can do with a jar of Dolmio and box of penne.

Lister’s take on all the positive feedback?

“It’s such a beautiful process to start with just raw ingredients and turn them into something nourishing. To share that with those I live with is just a bonus.”

When asked if she intends to continue her run in the kitchen, the flourishing foodie would only drop hints. “Let’s just say, frozen vegetables are on special this week…”

More to come.

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