Woman Devastated To Discover She Can Comfortably Walk Under Doorways At Hobbiton

Couple at Hobbiton



Olivia Martin, 24, likes to think she’s average height despite being barely five foot tall.

But the false belief was confirmed after a trip to the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata with her boyfriend Sam Duncan.

As the couple of three years from Levin explored the lush pastures of the Shire in the mighty Waikato region, Sam let rip a joke he had been saving up for quite some time for his girlfriend who is barely over five foot in height.

“Ha gee Liv, you could actually quite comfortably get in there,” joked Sam, fully knowing his jokes about her height over the years can now be confirmed.

“Shut up Sam, it’s not even funny,” Olivia said with defeat as it was now glaringly obvious she could get through the door, which is specifically made for Hobbits and now people like herself.

Our reporters were on scene as Sam and Olivia then asked fellow tourists if they could take a photo outside 

As another tourist asked for the couple to smile for the camera, Sam had one last ripper in him.

“Hey Liv, I heard they’re looking for people to audition for the next Hobbit trilogy. Looks like you’d be a great fit after today’s visit.”

“Saaam shut up!”

More to come.

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