Woman Who Successfully Makes Smoothie In Blender Convinced She Is Now A Nutrition Influencer

woman drinking smoothie she has just made, with camera pointing at her.



Sophie Williams is convinced she’s unlocked some sort of hidden secret to good health.

The 27 year-old, who has no qualifications in nutrition, threw some spinach, a banana, and almond milk into her Nutribullet and pushed down to blend.

After making her first smoothie, she couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted and how great she was feeling. So much so that she felt compelled to inform others about it over social media.  

The newly-minted influencer was in her well laid out kitchen as she explained all of the ground-breaking benefits she’d just discovered. “This banana almond smoothie is absolutely packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy,” Williams explained, while having no credentials in the field of nutrition.

“Perfect if you are feeling tired, weak or malnourished.”

When quizzed on whether making a smoothie in a blender all of a sudden makes you an expert in nutrition, she hit back by outlining the facts as she saw them.

“Well I’ve just opened up a new Instagram account called “Wellness Warrior” and all the people following me seem to agree with what I’m saying,” Williams said, having posted a handful of photos of herself smiling with a smoothie, and claiming that the secrets to optimal health lie in blending some ingredients in a Nutribullet.

Williams seemed disinterested in explaining how exactly smoothies had helped her shed kilos, clear up her skin and improve her mental clarity, despite claiming all of this in her Instagram posts.

“My smoothies contain all the nutrients to stay strong and healthy. I don’t need a degree to know what’s good for my body.”

More to come. 

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