Woman With Stressful Job Has Second Glass Of Wine Instead Of Going On Crime Spree

woman relaxing with glass of wine and screenshot of golriz ghahraman shoplifting



A Wellington woman has been making waves over the last couple of weeks, when it was revealed that her stressful job in parliament has not pushed her into a life of crime. 

As a high-ranking advisor at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, 39 year old Maria Jarman says that instead of stealing thousands of dollars worth of retail items on the weekends, she tends to occasionally have one or two wines after work to de-stress.  

“Yeah nothing special, I maybe will splash out on a $20 bottle of wine at New World,” she said as she had a sip of Hawke’s Bay pinot gris. 

“It’s weird isn’t it? I have a stressful job, advising on the complexities of governance, often working long hours, but I’ve never felt like taking a handbag from a high-end shop without paying for it.”

Jarman says she is sometimes opinionated on social media, and will often get some vile comments on her posts. “Haha yeah there are some freaky people out there. But hey, they’re allowed to have different opinions aren’t they? Some of them are pretty nasty, but you just block them if it gets really bad.”

Ms. Jarman also admits to being a bit of a slave to the latest fashion trends, and likes to look good in high quality garments. “I’m very grateful to have a well-paid public service job and I like to think that I am making a difference for New Zealanders. Why shouldn’t I spend a bit extra on looking nice? 

“There’s a few pieces at Scotties Boutique up in Auckland which I would love to have, but they’re just out of my price range,” she explained. 

“Now and then you might think ‘ooh I could easily just pinch this dress’, but then you remember you’re a normal, well-adjusted member of society.”

The Whakataki Times is investigating the secrets of how a woman might be able to manage a stressful job without becoming a common thief. 

More to come. 

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