Woman’s Missing Sock That’s Actually Just Stuck At Bottom Of Washing Machine Completes Fourth Spin Cycle

woman shrugging in front of inside of washing machine with pink polka dot sock.



Amelia Robinson had wondered where her pink polka dot sock had got to for the last two weeks.

After thinking it was freshly laundered in her drawers, she had no idea that the sock had been instead accidentally left in the washing machine, and it was about to go through a cycle for the fourth time.

Our reporters spoke to the 23 year-old who was wearing white socks, one of which included polka dots.

“You guys seen my other sock? Could swear I just saw it today in my drawers,” Robinson asked, unaware that she had not seen her very small sock for two weeks, failing multiple times to remove it from the washing machine.

As our reporters tried to explain to Amelia that her sock may be still in the washing machine, our explanation was interrupted by the noise of said washing machine starting up again.

“No, I did not leave it in the machine. I always check to make sure I get everything out,” Robinson explained, failing to realise she had just likely just done the polar opposite of what she claims.

After an hour or so of waiting, her latest load of washing stopped and she performed a thorough inspection of the machine, where she found something to her surprise.

“There it is! Oh, thanks guys. Gah, it doesn’t even fit though!” Robinson said with frustration, unaware her sock had now shrunk two sizes after having it on a wash dry cycle for the best part of two weeks.

More to come.

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