Women Forced to Apply Makeup to Whole Face As Mask Mandates Lifted

woman reluctantly applying lipstick while looking in the mirro



Women from around the country are in despair as the lifting of mask mandates has an unexpected detrimental effect on their morning routine. 

For the last nine months Kiwi women have been getting away with applying only mascara as part of their morning toilette. But since Tuesday, previously unseen parts of the female face are being exposed to the public once more, prompting many to dive back into their cosmetics cases.

Among those affected by the change is Wellington retail worker Holly Abraham.

“Wearing a mask was a real time-saver. As soon as I realised that no one could see the lower half of my face, I skipped the foundation, the contour, the finishing powder… I just slept in!”

By opting for beauty sleep over beauty products, Holly found her natural beauty was able to shine through. 

“With the extra sleep, my skin was honestly flawless.” 

The baby-faced millennial is concerned the lifting of mask mandates means she and other women are feeling pressured to return to pre-lockdown beauty norms.

 “I definitely noticed a change in my customers on Wednesday.” 

When asked how she could tell whether women had changed their make-up routines – given she previously couldn’t see her customers’ faces – the sharp-eyed sales assistant reported, “unconventional facial contouring is trending up this week.”

More to come.

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