Women’s Hurricanes Come Up With New Haka About Wellington’s Water Crisis

women's hurricanes doing haka outside burst pipe in wellington



The Hurricanes Poua women’s rugby team have changed tack today, announcing a brand new haka with a somewhat less divisive message than what they’d come up with previously. 

The team are in hot water after originally customising their normal haka to have a dig at the current government, calling them ‘redneck puppets’. 

Hurricanes CEO Avan Lee called the move ‘disappointing’ because it’s ‘hard enough to sell tickets as it is’. 

The new new haka, which will be revealed on Saturday afternoon’s match against Matatu, is reportedly a much more universally relatable complaint about Wellington’s ageing water infrastructure. 

While the team were tight-lipped, a nosy groundsman at the team’s training pitch said the relatable message about how bad the pipes are should bring fans together.

“Oh god, how bad is Wellington’s water? Flooded streets, perfectly good water going straight down the drain!

“A legacy of councils kicking the can down the road. Unbelievable!” he said as he painted a fresh new sideline. 

“I think this new haka will be good. More relatable and not so punishing for fans who just want to enjoy some rugby.”

Wellington Water did not respond to our request for comment. 

More to come. 

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