World Awkwardly Pretends Dalai Lama Is Totally Fine And Does Not Need To Be Investigated

Dalai Lama



As video of the Dalai Lama emerges showing him publicly forcing a young boy to kiss him on the lips and then saying “now suck my tongue”, the media have reacted with a collective “ooh that’s a bit yucky”.

While any normal person who judges reality by what they can see and hear, we are being told that it’s all fine and no investigation into child abuse is needed. The Dalai Lama is just a kooky old man and head of a morally virtuous Eastern religion – and not a creepy pervert.

It is totally different from the very well publicised child abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic church over decades. Nothing to see here, just the lovable old Dalai Lama, forcing little boys to kiss him and then laughing about it on camera.

We should all just keep trusting this person to not abuse his position of power. Nothing to worry about. It’s just a jolly old man poking some fun with a little boy in public. He probably wouldn’t be doing anything way, way worse with little boys when no one can see it, right? Right? Nothing to worry about ay media?

More to come. 

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