Ed Sheeran Becomes The Most Ginger Person To Play At The Cake Tin Since Paul Tito

Paul Tito running the ball up the guts, with Ed Sheeran playing guitar in foreground.

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Culture  A-TEAM English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is used to making records, but tonight he is breaking them in Wellington. Tonight, Sheeran becomes the most ginger person to play at Sky Stadium, Wellington’s premier sporting arena, affectionately known as ‘The Cake Tin’. The redhead has now surpassed former Hurricanes stalwart Paul Tito, who […]

Australian Drongo Bird Annoyed About Being Lumped In With New Zealand Media

drongo bird giving press conference with wayne brown in foreground

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Culture “STONE THE FLAMIN’ CROWS!” A prominent bird in Australia has had his feathers ruffled in recent days, after finding out that his species’ name was being used as a slur to describe New Zealand journalists.  Daz the spangled drongo gave a statement to the Australian press this afternoon. “Maaate, this is […]