Ed Sheeran Becomes The Most Ginger Person To Play At The Cake Tin Since Paul Tito

Paul Tito running the ball up the guts, with Ed Sheeran playing guitar in foreground.



English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is used to making records, but tonight he is breaking them in Wellington.

Tonight, Sheeran becomes the most ginger person to play at Sky Stadium, Wellington’s premier sporting arena, affectionately known as ‘The Cake Tin’. The redhead has now surpassed former Hurricanes stalwart Paul Tito, who played 84 games for the side, with his ginger hair often firing up the Canes on the nights they needed it the most.

Our reporters spoke with the musical superstar about his latest accomplishment.

“Look, it was great for Paul to dominate and light up this stadium for all of those years as the most ginger person to grace this turf. But times change, and I’m honoured to now take that record from him,” Sheeran explained, not too fussed about the other record he is also setting tonight.

Sky Stadium is set to host a record crowd of 48,000, making it the largest event ever hosted at the facility, topping Eminem’s concert back in 2019.

“I mean yeah sure, playing to 48,000 is going to be amazing. But even more amazing is the fact that I’ve passed another great stat at this stadium. The most ginger person ever to play here!”

More to come.

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