Quiet Team Admin Mysteriously Experiencing More Attention Than Usual This Casual Friday

office chat between two men and a woman in a warriors jersey


Katie Quinn is the kind of girl who usually blends into the background at her Wellington office.
However today she emerged as the star of the show, proudly adorned in Warriors garb.
“I’m usually pretty quiet in the office but I’ve always loved the Warriors,” Katie said with a grin. “Big game tomorrow so I thought today’s the day to let everyone know it,” giggled the 25-year old, sitting down in her current season Warriors jersey.
The Warriors are set to play the Brisbane Broncos in tomorrow night’s NRL semi-final clash in Brisbane and Katie’s dedication to showing support for the team has turned a few heads in the office.

Woman Shows She’s Down To Earth By Starting Group Email With “Hey Guys”

woman in open plan office


A new senior manager at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has sent shockwaves through the department with a brash opening to her first group email.

In contrast to modern email etiquette, recently appointed Director of Policy and Partnerships Molly Franklin started her introductory email to her team with “Hey guys”.

Franklin says she thought long and hard about opting for a safer, less gendered term such as “team” or even “whanau”, but opted for a more collegial tone.