National Party Leader Weirdly Silent On His Playing Career For The Hurricanes And All Blacks

Bull Allen at leaders debate with pic of him playing for hurricanes in front


National Party leader Bull Allen likes to keep his cards close to his chest.

While on the campaign trail the most recognisable bald man in New Zealand has not taken the opportunity to talk about how he spent his formative years tearing up the rugby field for the Hurricanes, Central Vikings and also a handful of tests for the All Blacks.

As he tries to convince a rugby mad nation to like him and get to know him, it appears Allen’s story is one that should be celebrated, or at the very least, acknowledged. But Bull Allen (real name Mark), in his quest to become Prime Minister, seems to have forgotten his glory days on the rugby field.

Man Who Enjoyed Slow Cooker Meal Seven Months Ago Still Hasn’t Had Another One

man in kitchen with slow cooker


A Kiwi man who cracked the cost of living crisis with a slow cooked meal one time is yet to capitalise on his discovery.

Geraldine 27 year old Nathan O’Halloran knew he was onto something when his Mum gifted him an old slow cooker in March. Excited, he set up a corned beef one Sunday morning, timing it perfectly for dinner that night. 

“Honestly, it was so good,” he reflects. “It was super easy, super quick, and real cheap. Just put it with some mashed potatoes and veggies – the whole thing would have cost about $20 bucks, it fed me and the missus and I had leftovers for sandwiches for pretty much the whole week.”