Man Who Enjoyed Slow Cooker Meal Seven Months Ago Still Hasn’t Had Another One

man in kitchen with slow cooker

ALEX HICKEY | Culture 


A Kiwi man who cracked the cost of living crisis with a slow cooked meal one time is yet to capitalise on his discovery.

Geraldine 27 year old Nathan O’Halloran knew he was onto something when his Mum gifted him an old slow cooker in March. Excited, he set up a corned beef one Sunday morning, timing it perfectly for dinner that night. 

“Honestly, it was so good,” he reflects. “It was super easy, super quick, and real cheap. Just put it with some mashed potatoes and veggies – the whole thing would have cost about $20 bucks, it fed me and the missus and I had leftovers for sandwiches for pretty much the whole week.”

It was a lightbulb moment for O’Halloran, particularly in grappling with rising food prices.

“We locked in to do it every week – just set it up while we’re at work one day and have dinner ready when we got home. 

“Honestly, it’s super easy and real cheap. It was like, yeah, what a great idea.”

However, despite his good intentions, O’Halloran is yet to fire up the cooker a second time.

“Yeah, don’t really know why we haven’t done it aye. Just haven’t. We should though. It’s super easy. Real cheap too.” 

When asked if he’d do another slow cooked meal sometime soon, he said he’d like to, but was non-committal.

“Yeah it’d be good actually, I’d be keen. Just have to see what we’re up to. You save so much money and it’s real easy.”

More to come. 

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