LEADERS’ DEBATE: Hipkins Still Won’t Confirm Or Deny The Existence Of Dragons

chippy feeling the heat, drinking a glass of water with fire breathing dragon behind him.


As the final leaders debate before the election gets underway, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins still appears to be avoiding the tough questions. 

Journalist Guy Williams recently reported that National Leader Christopher Luxon does not actually believe that dinosaurs once walked the earth, a revelation that will surely rock this year’s election results.

While it is a controversial opinion, many have applauded Luxon for making his views on dinosaurs clear. But what about that other elusive reptilian species – dragons.

Wellington Public Servants Looking Forward To Last Week At Work Before David Seymour Sacks Them

three women looking at air new zealand site on phones and thinking about david seymour.


A group of millennial communications advisors at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) are eagerly awaiting a bright new future that’s just over the horizon. 

The contingent of publicly funded wordsmiths are all hopeful of being made dramatically redundant by the expected new government – particularly if Act’s David Seymour is involved.

Seymour has famously said that Act would cut MBIE’s staff numbers in half if elected. 

While many would consider this a threat, Jodie Goodwin, 31, is weirdly upbeat about the whole thing. “Well, a change is as good as a holiday right? And the redundancy pay will be begging to be spent on a holiday,” she said.