LEADERS’ DEBATE: Hipkins Still Won’t Confirm Or Deny The Existence Of Dragons

chippy feeling the heat, drinking a glass of water with fire breathing dragon behind him.



As the final leaders debate before the election gets underway, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins still appears to be avoiding the tough questions. 

Journalist Guy Williams recently reported that National Leader Christopher Luxon does not actually believe that dinosaurs once walked the earth, a revelation that will surely rock this year’s election results.

While it is a controversial opinion, many have applauded Luxon for making his views on dinosaurs clear. But what about that other elusive reptilian species – dragons. 

We decided to find out what the prime minister had to say on the matter, however despite numerous media requests, Chris Hipkins has still not said whether he in fact believes in dragons. 

In press conferences earlier this year he was asked the question, “What is a dragon?” but appeared unable to give a clear answer. 

“Um… to be honest that question has come slightly out of left field for me,” Mr Hipkins replied.

Dragons, known largely for living under mountains guarding piles of treasure or terrorising helpless kingdoms, should not be unfamiliar to the average joe. 

So why the silence on dragons Chippy? What have you got to hide? The people deserve to know!

More to come. 

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